Teen Art Force


Thank you for your interest in MOCA Teen Art Force.


We ask that both student and parent/guardian fill out the registration form together. Registrants must be13-17 years old, a Miami-Dade resident, and most attend a minimum of 25 classes throughout the run of the three sessions starting October 4th, 2021 - May 27, 2022. Students are able to register for one or more classes, and must complete the questionnaire below in order to attend. The Teen Art Force program is funded in part by Miami-Dade County and The Children's Trust, which collects information gathered in order to better serve South Florida's children. 


TAF Schedule is:

Monday - Friday from 4PM-6PM

Session 1: October 4th 2021 - December 17th 2021 

Session 2: January 3rd 2022 - March 18th 2022 

Session 3: March 28th 2022 - May 27th 2022


There will be no class on the following dates:

November 11th, 24th - 26th

December 20th - 31th 

January 17th 

February 21th

March 21th - 25th 


For safety precautions in response to the COVID-19 virus please note that MOCA mandates face masks for all visitors, students and staff. We encourage all visitors to maintain 3ft of distance from one another.


Last day to register for TAF is April 25th 2022

Please email us for any questions at education@mocanomi.org