MOCA Makers

MOCA Makers are free Adult Art Classes, held the second Saturday from 1pm-3pm from October- September, sponsored by the North Miami Community Redevelopment Agency.

Join us this June for an exciting Printmaking making workshop. Inspired by contemporary queer artists such as Gio Black Peter and Christina Quarles, you’ll create your own collagraph printing plates using items like cardboard, sticky foam, and other found textured materials. Each one-of-a-kind print will be created using a variety of bold colors and graphic shapes reminiscent of expressionist art. Reserve your spot today and let your artistic expression shine! Art Packs will include the following: 


Sticky foam sheets

Access to an x-acto knife

Access to pencils

Yarn (and other textured “found materials”)

Access to printing inks

Printmaking paper

Access to scissors

Construction paper

Access to brayers

Access to acrylic sheets